Wednesday, 30 July 2014

SCW Part 8

The Republican propaganda wagon arrives to announce that all Republicans must lay down their arms.

Ian you are kidding no one.

The players, plus me behind the camera.

SCW Part 7

Meanwhile the tank skirmish rages below.

Things look bad for the Republican cause.

PZ1's fight their way over the river and towards the town with no opposition in sight. They have found the hole in the defenses.

Meanwhile Morrocan troops swarm over Republican tanks knocking them out.

The Legion and Carlists arrive.

Surrender negotiations begin. Time for an ice cream.

SCW Part 6

Daga, Daga, Daga!!!!

A card brings on a Fascist slogan painter. All Nationalist troops within a 20" radius get a plus 1 on morale.

The fighter crashes taking out an artillery piece.

SCW Part 5

The Republican pilot looks over his shoulder at the Italian fighter closing in as he closes in onto the Italian bomber. Exciting stuff.....honest it was. Scourge of the Republican defences were the two Lanciaflammes. Meanwhile the Republican fighter caught up with the bomber and was able to damage it significantly. Meanwhile the bomber just continued to fly towards its target the town. However the crew were scrambling around trying to find their parachutes. Before the fighter could get a second burst off the Italian fighter caught up with him and shot him down.

SCW Part 4

Heavy Nationalist artillery arrives to support the attack.

SCW Part 3

.....and then an Italian fighter joined the fight. We now had three planes over the battlefield. This is what happens when you play games with the RAF! The Republican mayor groes concerned at the situation. Kursk comes to Spain.
The Republican aircraft was just screaming into ground attack and then the next card produced an Italian bomber at high altitude so the fighter started the slow process of climbing. This was to take two moves.