Friday, 11 November 2011

KG Normandy pt2

The defenders.

KG Normandy. pt 1

We have started another KG game which we plan to make a mini campaign as such. Starting with 500 points for both sides a Brit recce force is tasked with taking a bridge whilst German forces try to block their way. So far so good for the Brits who have caused some significant damage on the German defenders although the last move saw some Cromwells go bang!!!! The attackers

Kamphgruppe Normandy

These rules seem to be a big hit at the moment with WW2 players. Possibly because the price has been halved in a sale. Anyway Keith anmd I are maninly playing them at the moment as we have not done much WW2 for a few years whilst we concentrated on Empress. Have to say that we are both enjoying them and having great fun. Here are some pictures from our first game.