Sunday, 9 October 2011

Road to Madrid Prt 6

Road to Madrid prt 5

Road to Madrid prt 4

Road to Madrid Prt 3

Well great fun was had by all as the Nationalists took on Republicans. Quickly into the attack the Nationalists made pretty good progress up the table until they crossed the Republican lines and then it all started to slow down. As Morrocan took on a Company of the International Brigade and their attacked stalled slightly until support from Carlists helped them out flank the position. The Carlists made pretty good progress initially by capturing Windmill Hill although then came into range of the hard cover positions in the town and started to get hit by high explosives and straffed by plane. Undaunted the Nationalist pressed on and finally got a toe hold in the town although failed to capture the church which was the main objective. At this point we ran out of real time although the game itself had still had 4 moves of its 15 move limit to run. Nationalist air support failed to show and all units were beginning to suffer from reduced morale and command issues. None the less all seemed to enjoy themselves which was the main point of the well as some rules play testing of course. So here are some pictures ;