Friday, 8 July 2011

SCW general photos.

Some others I took. There will be a lot more over the next week or so as I catch up with things.

SCW Fountain

I scratchbuilt this and added an old WOTR's Foundry figure as the statue.

Although done for SCW it is a pretty universal terrain piece.

The truck in the last photo is not finished yet and has lots of stowage to add and the base finished.

SCW Bar.

To be honest this could be anywhere with Mediteranean influence and indeed could be a hotel, inn, brothel etc.

Sadly I have no idea of the make as this was dontated to the Empress Miniatures games collection and he could not remember either. Not one that I recognise. It has had bits added such as chimneys and walls from the Empress range. All in all a nice wargames piece to work on.

The posters are mainly down loaded from Google. I noticed that in some original photos of the SCW there were Laurel & Hardy posters so I put some of those up.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Very Naughty.

I've been a very naughty boy and I need a slap.

I have not had time to post anything lately as I have been incredibly busy with things, ranging from real life issues such as work, Empress, DIY, and family. Not necessarily in that order.

However I have also been finding time to do lots more SCW related jobs and have a lot of near finished figures as well as a lot of terrain pieces.

Therefore the only thing that I have failed in is actually taking pictures and posting so a huge sorry for that readers.

The plan is to start to rectify that soonest and start posting in the next few of days.

Well that's the plan.