Thursday, 19 May 2011

SCW Rules playtest part 2

The telephone box was a bit of fun although it is linked to the communications rules. Christine said it looked like a public toilet. Women !!!!

SCW Rules playtest

I am in the process of writing a set of interwar rules for Osprey which cover conflicts in the Interwar period between WW1 and WW2, including the imaginary Very British Civil War.

There are various play tests going on both at Empress Towers and across the land. All good fun and so far the mechanisms seem to work.

Here are some pictures of a play test game that Keith and I have been having fun with.

Lancia Flamme and stuff.

All these are Empress except the armoured truck which is a die cast modification.

Force of Arms toys.

Got these at Salute. They are ever so slightly a smaller scale than the Empress stuff but not really enough to worry about.

First up is the Lancia Armoured Car.

Secondly the Trubia Spanish Tank. Painted as a Basque region tank this creature is about the size of a bumper car. Great fun though.

Now some Empress localised modifications.

Fiat CR.32

This plane is one of the worst lits that I have ever put together. Nothing fitted, nothing worked and it had bits missing. To add isult to injury when I spray varnished it the paint crinkled and had to be scrapped off and redone. Mind you that was my fault. DOH!!!!

Anyway I got there in the end. Yet to be used in a game but I suspect it will crash and burn everytime. The pilot is a Copplestone figure.