Wednesday, 6 April 2011


The mortar team I did for a bit of a giggle to be honest. I tried to reflect the layed back nature of the war despite at times its nasty side.

Carlist Command.

This is one of those times that every officer dreads. An irate subordinate telling you your plans are rubbish in front of others!

A nervous MMG team.

SCW Republican Colonel

These are all Empress head swap conversions. Sadly the pictures are a bit grainy.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Empress Italian Field gun part 3

Next is the main wheels. These should fit onto the axles easily although one of the guns I built needed me to bend the mudguards outward slightly.This is due to the nature of the moulding process. This is wear the pliers come into play. Put a piece of rag between the plier jaws and the mudguard to prevent damge, although this can look like general damage on the finished pice which is not a problem. Adds to the character.

Dry fit the wheels so that they fit and then glue. When dry glue on the break. This fits into the lug under the carriage with the break pads resting on the wheels.

Then glue the bottom shield extension inplace at the bottom of the shield.

Next glue the seat into position. The kit provides two types of seat. One is complete with the wooden seats the other is simply the bar so that the figures can be glued into posion when the gun is complete. The center lug on the seat bar fits under the gun breach into the carriage. Allow to dry.

Nearly there.

Lastly glue the rear trail bar into place.

Done. Run around the garden whooping and taking hi fives from all assembled neighbours.

In all honestly it is not that difficult but it does take patience.

Have fun.

Empress Italian Field gun part 2

Right back to it.

Glue the barrel wheel into the lug.

When dry glue the barrel into position. Under the barrel is a semi circle locating 'trench' which fits onto the carriage. Remember when doing this to leave a gap at the breach end so that the seats can be located onto the carriage. It is worth doing a dry run at this before gluing so that you appreciate where the seat locates. I didn't and had to sort it out after. Grrrrr.

Next up glue the periscope into place and then the last of the small wheels. This does get fiddly and is best done away from women, children and those with a nervous disposition.

Now walk away and do something else. Nearly done but there is only so much that your nerves can take.

Empress Italian Field gun part 1

As part of my SCW project I decided to do some field guns for both sides. Empress have been asked how the gun goes together and what small wheel fits where and so this seemed like a good opportunity to show a build.

Equipment needed = Small file, craft knife, various small pliers,Super Glue.

First of all prepare the bits by filing any edges and generally sorting any small issues out. Once done we can get on with things.

First up is the gun shield to the carriage. Place the carriage into the shield holes by sliding the carriage down into the holes and then lowering the carriage backwards into position. Do not force it incase you bend the carriage. This one does not need brute force to accomplish. When happy glue in place.

One of the secrets of building metal vehicles and guns is patience - which I have problems with! The glue never seems to glue as quickly as I think it should, unless its on your fingers. The best way is to glue something and then walk away and let it set before continuing. Therefore best to have something else to do during the drying time.

Next up are the two seats that fit in front of the shield on the runners located on the gun shield. The one with the lug with the hole in goes on the left as you look straight at the gun.

Next up take the smallest of the three wheels and glue this into the lug below the left hand seat. Allow to dry.

When dry glue the foot rests onto the edge of the seats. These angle downwards slightly but the fixing bracket shows the angle. These can be a difficult to glue and may need some slight trimming plus supporting in place whilst the glue works.

Go and make a cup of tea at this point you deserve it.