Friday, 11 November 2011

KG Normandy pt2

The defenders.

KG Normandy. pt 1

We have started another KG game which we plan to make a mini campaign as such. Starting with 500 points for both sides a Brit recce force is tasked with taking a bridge whilst German forces try to block their way. So far so good for the Brits who have caused some significant damage on the German defenders although the last move saw some Cromwells go bang!!!! The attackers

Kamphgruppe Normandy

These rules seem to be a big hit at the moment with WW2 players. Possibly because the price has been halved in a sale. Anyway Keith anmd I are maninly playing them at the moment as we have not done much WW2 for a few years whilst we concentrated on Empress. Have to say that we are both enjoying them and having great fun. Here are some pictures from our first game.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Road to Madrid Prt 6

Road to Madrid prt 5

Road to Madrid prt 4

Road to Madrid Prt 3

Well great fun was had by all as the Nationalists took on Republicans. Quickly into the attack the Nationalists made pretty good progress up the table until they crossed the Republican lines and then it all started to slow down. As Morrocan took on a Company of the International Brigade and their attacked stalled slightly until support from Carlists helped them out flank the position. The Carlists made pretty good progress initially by capturing Windmill Hill although then came into range of the hard cover positions in the town and started to get hit by high explosives and straffed by plane. Undaunted the Nationalist pressed on and finally got a toe hold in the town although failed to capture the church which was the main objective. At this point we ran out of real time although the game itself had still had 4 moves of its 15 move limit to run. Nationalist air support failed to show and all units were beginning to suffer from reduced morale and command issues. None the less all seemed to enjoy themselves which was the main point of the well as some rules play testing of course. So here are some pictures ;

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Road to Madrid Pt 2

As can be seen the battlefield is pretty busy with terrain pieces so should be an interesting challenge for the attacker and defender alike. The game is set for this Saturday with a few of the local guys.

The road to Madrid

This is an imaginary game which is based on one of Charles Grants old scenarios. The town is on slightly high ground looking peacefully down onto a lush valley. Despite the fact that the Nationalists are heading towards Madrid the local defenders of the valley, the Republican forces, feel pretty safe as they are not in the direct path of the Nationalists. Senior command has thus removed most of the defending troops to help defend Madrid. Their only fear is that they may be cut off by the quick advance of Francos forces. The Nationalists have Madrid in their sites and they fully intend to by pass the town and valley. Unfortunatly a local comander, concerned that he may be leaving a Republican rats nest to attack his supply line sends forces the recce the valley and ensure that any Republicans are dealt with. His orders are simple. Flush the rats out quickly and completly and rejoin the main force. You have one day to achieve this. Thats 12 table moves.

SCW Various pictures.

A company of mixed troops Some Assaltos with Carlist Falangists.
Shocked Morrocan command.
....and some cows. Don't ask.

SCW Italian Command Group

The story is the Italian commander chatting up the young lady whilst his Askari batman looks after her horse. The mounted officer is actually from the AZW range with a different hat. The Sophia Loren lookalike is from the Copplestone range which fur hat removed and extra hair added. The Askaris never served in Spain but I figured the odd servant may have made the trip. Well thats my excuse anyway.

SCW Republican command group

I love this command group as it has lots of individual character but works as a group. The map is downloaded from the internet and not painted !!!!