Tuesday, 24 August 2010

BCW Skirmish

A skirmish to play tesy my rules. Oxfordshire local anarchists defend positions against the forces of Law and Order.

Jeeves and Wooster, who were spending a weekend away in a local cottage suddenly found themselves in the middle of the skirmish. In true non partizan order they shot at anyone and everyone.

BCW Oxford Constabulary

These figures are Musketeer Miniatures figures many of which have had Empress Miniatures British Zulu War heads added.

Steam War Wagon.

Another BCW subject. This time a steam war wagon sporting a Hotchkiss MMG.

Part of the Anarchist army this company represent the Minster Lovell Chartists and sports the pink white and green tricolour of the Chartists.

The vehicle was partly scratchbuilt with a Lesney Yesteryear truck being the bases.

Fires of Hell.

I have been incrediably busy over the last few months on other stuff such as holidays and so posting has been placed very much at the bottom of the pile of things to do.

On the toy soldier front I have been working on a couple of topics. Firstly a massive rebase of my early Renaissance armies to work with Impetus. More of this in the future. But mainly I have been busy on a brand new period which is the current conflict in Afghanistan. This has involved creating lots of terrain from building to poppy fields, as well as painting figures from the Empress Moderns range. I have got lots done but have as yet not had the chance to do a photoshoot.
I want to do this outside in some good sun shine and with the recent weather this has been difficult to arrange.
Therefore in the meantime I am going to post some oldish stuff.
The following pictures are of an HS123 that has been modified for BCW purposes. Sporting a rather loud paint scheme it is part of the Bishop of Oxfords Anglican forces. The story goes that he purchased it with church funds. However unable to get any suitable bombs he has had to get a Heath Robinson job done and it now carries an old water boiler which sprays petrol on the target on the first pass. The pilot has to then make a second pass to drop a light on the petrol to hopefully set it on fire. Suitable rules have been written for my BCW rules.
So far in games I have only succeeded once on hitting a target and then lighting it up. But thats the fun of BCW.