Thursday, 8 October 2015

Rolls Royce. Nearly there.

So the beast is beginning to take its familiar shape. Hopefully so far you have found none of this too stressful? Well its now get even easier. Honest.

Thes two V brackets and the step are glued onto the rear compartment.

The front head lights are glued onto the mudguards. The radiator shields are then glued onto their hinges. The two brackets can be used to hold them open or, as was the case when in action the shields were locked in place with the front edges locked so that they created an arrow head and protected the radiator.

The spare wheels are glued onto the locating lugs.

Now the wheels. This illustration shows clearly how to place the rear double wheels on.

The two front wheels are then glued onto the axle. Job done.

Fairly easy.

This model has a great deal of scope for making it in various ways to give it a very individual campaign look. Worth doing is a Google images scan as this will bring up many interesting pictures that will give you a great many ideas.

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