Thursday, 8 October 2015

Rolls Royce, main body part two.

Glue the rear and front axle onto the chassis.

The engine is next if you plan to use it. File the two ends so that it fits onto the chassis.

Next the parts needed for the body and the engine compartment.
The resin body is glued onto the chassis. It clicks into place easily and make sure that you slide it to the rear as far as it goes. Then glue the rear section in place as this ensures the body is in the correct place.

Next up is the engine and compartment. Glue the engine in place with the high part of the top bracket towards the radiator.   The engine fits onto the four lugs on the chassis and you may need to file the tubular section a little to ensure a fit. You can see that I am not into engines as I am sure there are proper names for the bits of the engine. Also file flat the fan pip so that it is flush with the fan. Its best to put the engine in before building the side walls.

Next  you may need to take the two sides of the engine compartment and cut with a sharp knife about 1mm from each end. The picture shows how much. I did this to ensure a good fit and filed it to tidy it up.

Then build the engine compartment around the engine. In the illustration I left out the engine on this model so that you can see the compartment.

When all is glued and drul get the two bonnet sections and glue in place. These can be glued open to allow access to the engine.

Next glue in place the two brackets that support the front mudguards.

When dry glue in place the front mudguards.

Then glue the rear mudguards in place.


Then glue the rear box in place.

Then glue the brackets for the running boards.

When all dry glue on the running boards and the top boxes onto the rear mudguards.

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