Thursday, 8 October 2015

How to put an Empress Rolls Royce armoured car together.

The Rolls Royce Armoured Car is iconic and so when we planned to produce one we decided to get carried away. Instead of the normal resin block associated with wargames models we produced a model kit. This kit is not for the faint hearted and on a scale of 1 to 5 I would put it at 4. However it is a very cleanly cast kit and so very little cleaning of parts is needed which is a big plus. Also many of the parts supplied are unnecessary such as the stand alone Vickers MG and the engine. However we designed the kit for a number of eventualities and as the Vickers was regularly set up on its mount we gave that option to the modeler.

We are also proud of the design of the spoked wheels which took a great deal of thought to accomplish and much credit goes to the late Stuart Griffin who eventually managed to cast the wheels after some experiment. Thanks mate, RIP.

I have been modelling for a great many years and have therefore accumulated a lot of experience and more importantly equipment. For the assembly of this kit I used a knife, a couple of needle files, and super glue. I also put my patient chip in which I felt may be needed. In all honesty I really did not need to worry as there were few problems and none that were not easily overcome. One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give is that some of the brackets are best glued and then left to set until solid before proceeding. I did not always follow this advice ha ha.

Lets start with the wheels. They come in two halves with one half having a male lug the other a female whole. This ensure that the spokes inter link. Int he picture you can see what wheel sets you will need for the complete vehicle. There are also two special wheels for the inner rear wheel. One is the standard spoked wheel and the other has no spokes. The diagram shows how they fit onto the wheel.
      Next up are the pieces needed for the Vickers. Only the MG is relevant for the turret.

The turret MG is located into the pin whole. The turret lid is glued on and the the hatch glued. Note the turret handle goes onto the inside of the hatch when it is closed.


  1. I admired those who has able to create a blog as wonderful as this! You are truly a hard working person. Keep up the good work and keep on posting.

  2. Hi, the pictures on this article are not displaying correctly and I would like to see them, to check that I am putting mine together as it should be. Where can I see them? Jon

  3. Your Photobucket images are not displaying. I'm sure many would find the original images useful and illuminating.