Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Warlord Open Day

I recently went to this to put on a SCW game on behalf of Empress Miniatures. Joined by Ian and a team from the RAF Wargames Club we played a game on a 16' x 6' table. The scenario was a Republican defensive line in front of a Town, dominated by a Convent. This was then attacked by Nationalist forces. The game was played in the old Raleigh bike factory premises and was VERY hot so good Spanish weather. The game took all day but finally ended in a Nationalist victory as a column of PZ1's found a way across the river and into the heart of the town. All achieved on the very last move. Here are some pictures. Sit tight there are a lot : ) These opening pictures show the table layout and the dispositions of the armies. Republicans are in the town and trenches. Nationalists are coming on from the far end with a lot of armour and infantry advancing following an initial bombardment on the trenches. Note the Republican aircraft. Al aircraft arrive by chance card and he arrived first move. He flew down the table intent on straffing the Nationalists. More to follow.

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