Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Richard Lardy visit.

Well hasn't time flown by. Its approaching two years since I last posted which is quite frankly rediculous. However life has just been far too busy in so many ways. Empress Miniatures has taken over our lives in a huge way but there is a little light at the end of the tunnel now and I am determined to make the most of it and get back in the Blog saddle as much as I can. Therefore it seemed proper to restart my posts with something spectacular and what can be more spectacular than Richard coming to visit our little Empire and have a play test with his latest WW2 rules, Chain of Command. Richard very kindly visited and we got a small group of chaps together to play a SCW game. Great fun was had as Richard explained the rules and dice were duly rolled. The scenario involved a Spanish village being held by Republican units against Nationalist Carlist attackers. The start of the game was the patrol section as units moved towards each other. Not the round flag discs. The the attack began. Republicans chose to defend the church and stables whilst the Carlist moved in. A Nationalist T26 quickly destroyed a milita armoured coach. Whilst Carlist units pinned down Republican troops other Carlist forces charged in from the flank and quickly over ran all enemy forces. The Republican commander in his captured CV33 decided to beat a very hasty retreat as the Carlists went about their work. A great game. The Republican forces were perhaps a little weak and the Nationalists a little strong in the unit lists but nothing that could not be slightly changed. The rules gave a very interesting game and the initial section of patrolling is a very interesting way of introducing players to the conflict on the table top. Have to say well done to the Lardies for their clever ideas and I heartily recommend them for players who are looking for some fast action tabletop rules.


  1. Well the board looks positively awesome!


  2. Fantastic scenery! Who wouldn't want to play on a table like this?
    Of course it being an SCW game helps.makes it even better...

  3. Wow, what a return, most excellent.