Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The road to Madrid

This is an imaginary game which is based on one of Charles Grants old scenarios. The town is on slightly high ground looking peacefully down onto a lush valley. Despite the fact that the Nationalists are heading towards Madrid the local defenders of the valley, the Republican forces, feel pretty safe as they are not in the direct path of the Nationalists. Senior command has thus removed most of the defending troops to help defend Madrid. Their only fear is that they may be cut off by the quick advance of Francos forces. The Nationalists have Madrid in their sites and they fully intend to by pass the town and valley. Unfortunatly a local comander, concerned that he may be leaving a Republican rats nest to attack his supply line sends forces the recce the valley and ensure that any Republicans are dealt with. His orders are simple. Flush the rats out quickly and completly and rejoin the main force. You have one day to achieve this. Thats 12 table moves.

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