Friday, 2 September 2011

Renaissance stuff

....and now for something completly different.

I have been messing around with Italian War stuff for years but never really found a set of rules that I liked. Until that is I found Impetus. Although it is a bit generic I like the big base concept and the proper rules have enough fiddly bits added to give a fun game.

Based on this, excuse the pun, I have rebased all my figures and started painting some new bits.


  1. These look great, especially in the late summer sunshine. You've really brought out the colours and vibrancy. I'm really interested in what you make of the Impetus rules. I've always been interested in doing the Italian Wars

  2. Beautiful work. Very nice basing.

  3. They are splendid indeed although I must resist yet another distraction.

  4. Great looking figures and very well painted too!! Love the flags!