Saturday, 24 September 2011

Empress AZW 7pdr Construction. pt1

Both the 7pdr and the 9pdr AZW field guns are pretty similar. However to start the ball roling here is how to put the 7pdr together. Firstly file the few mould lines that are apparent. Happily these are few and it does not take long. Happily because I hate this part of the job. Using Super Glue glue the small wheel into the lug.
When this has dried glue the two ammunition boxes onto the axxle of the gun carriage. Each box has a small L shape moulded onto the bottom which is to be located onto the axle tree.
Next is to build the arm and back support for the crew chairs. I do this before trying to glue them to the boxes. As you can see I support them whilst glueing using blue tac or plasticine.
I them glue each one into position on the boxes.

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