Monday, 7 February 2011

Osprey Game part 4

Throughout the game we pulled Fog of War cards of which the best one was the first turned over that handed initiative to the Taliban. At this point in the game initiative was finally passed back to the Coalition. Sad news for us guys as it had been difficult enough to score points against the Coalition Terminators.

The SBS and Delta teams started to check the houses within the central compound discovering and closing another hotspot. They also discovered the first hostage and what turned out to be an Al Jazeera reporter. 10 points for the hostage and 5 for the reporter.

The Delta team outside the compound, having sorted out the ambushers, checked another house and discovered the second hostage. Reports of his killing having been dramatically overstated.

The last Landrover was brought up to get the casualties and hostages loaded in. BANG!!!! Another card brought in some friendly fire straight onto the vehicle causing more casualties and destroying the vehicle.

A quick plan was pulled together and the last reserves were landed at 2 landing zones at one end of the table. The first units were a USMC engineer unit that moved towards the central compound to offer support.

The second and main reserves landed on the other side of the table with the intention of covering the retreat of the Special Forces and the hostages. This proved to be a bad decision. Until now the Coalition gamers had kept the operation to limited troops but now they offered the Taliban a target rich environment and they took the opportunity to maximize from it. Two hotspots were set up around the main LZ. One in the old fort and one in the poppy field. The US infantry started taking casualties from the cross fire and those nasty types whooped for joy.

Yet another card ruined their day and the fort suddenly caught fire. Escaping out of the back door from their position the Taliban were destroyed. A major attack was put in against the poppy field and the insurgents destroyed. The two hotspots were put out of action.

The route to escape was now clear.

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