Friday, 4 February 2011

Osprey Game part 1

The Coalition players were allowed to view the table first hand, only having had a few photographs before. All Taliban forces were not placed in position at this time. Next they were given an option to gather as much information as possible to a maximum of 6 days worth of observation. Each day was split into two 12 hour periods and a card turned over which revealed certain things such as engine noises at night near the main centre compound, a fuel dump also in the compound, nothing to report, and then a report from Aljazeera that the US hostage had been killed. At this point the Coalition forces decided to stop further intelligence gathering and went away to plot….sorry plan.

Whilst they did this the Taliban forces were placed on the table or unit cards hidden under buildings.

Game on. The Coalition forces had come to the conclusion that the hostages were held in the large domed building in the centre of the table. Their attack force was made up of a column of SBS troops with a single fire team of Delta chaps. This group travelling in 2 Landrovers and 2 Quad bikes drove at top speed towards the domed building.

As they came across an IDE in the middle of the road they adopted an interesting tactic of driving past it. BANG! Once the dust had settled it was clear that the Quad rider had survived. As the vehicles sped on another IED. BANG! Yet again Corporal Lucky as he had now been nicknamed had survived.

But the Taliban were not having any of this and the column had driven into a trap. A mortar opened up taking out one of the Landrovers and injuring one of the occupants. First point to the Taliban. A sniper directly in front of Lucky failed as did the rest of the men hidden. These nasty guys were quickly despatched.

The SBS quickly moved on and began to clear the compound buildings and prepare for the main assault on the central compound.

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  1. Really like those quads.
    Interesting recon meta-game too