Thursday, 27 January 2011

Operation Osprey

Initial mission brief for the Coalition forces.

Operation Osprey.

Two hostages have been captured by the Taliban. One US and one UK citizen. After 8 days of captivity there location has been confirmed.

This particular hostage situation has become incredibly important to the Coalition Forces due to the high level of media coverage on Al Jazeera. The detail of the information has lead the coalition to believe that this situation is not about the ransom but the propaganda benefits that the Taliban can gain.

Mission Brief

Phase 1

Send in Special Forces to ascertain the exact position of the hostages and feed intelligence back to HQ in order to help plan the rescue.

The Coalition Force players have up to 6 days of secret intelligence gathering in the area. For every 12 hours taken a card is turned over which will provide information. Some good some bad. The longer that the players opt to take the more chance of bad news.

Phase 2

Based upon the information gathered the Coalition plan when and how to attempt a rescue.

Resources available range from;

SBS – Delta = 18 members. Equipped with Assault rifles, Minimi, sniper rifle. 2 x Quads, 2 x Landrovers.

Delta fast reaction force. – Via Littlebird. = 4 members equipped with assault rifles.

Reserve A – USMC squad

Reserve B – US Army Platoon

Chinook transport available

Apache helicopter on call.

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