Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Sudan 1885

Had a Sudan game, circa 1885, a few days ago. It was an excuse to try out the new table sheet which I made last summer and the newly rebased Dervish. Rules were The Sword and the Flame. My regular opposition player was Keith who played the Dervish commander…… and defeated me. This was mainly due to my impetuous charges against Dervish units and my awful dice rolls in the hand to hand. Lesson learned is that it is best to stand your ground and fire volleys.

The plan is to use the figures for Black Powder and I have another 200 or so figures ready to base and lots more to paint. My Zulu war armies will get a similar treatment although the plan is for those to be even bigger in numbers. The problem, as always, is the small matter of time to do all of this.

Ever felt that the hobby is taking over your life?

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